AMA Pinnacle Awards will take place May 16th, 2019. View categories for entries below and submit your entries here.


Not-for-profit and for-profit entries are judged in separate awards divisions but share identical award categories.


Comprehensive Campaign Entries
B2B Integrated Campaign
B2C Integrated Campaign
Small Budget Campaign (Less than $5k out-of-pocket expense)
Small Business/Organization Campaign (Fewer than 50 employees)
Special Event

Individual Tactical Entries
Advertising (Online)
Advertising (Print)
Direct Mail/Direct Response
Logo Design
Most Improved Tactic
Print Piece/Packaging (invitation; poster; product; package)
Social Media Initiative
TV or Radio commercial (90 seconds maximum)
Video (broadcast; online; commercial; PSA up to 2 minutes)
Influencer Marketing / Blog
Digital Marketing (Banner Ads)
Email Initiative



Check out these tips from the judges
  • “Be sure your objectives are clear…and aligned with your results”
  • “The more you measure, the more evidence you’ll have of program success.”
  • “Year-over-year numbers are always powerful.”
  • “Keep your write-ups crisp and concise.”
  • “Choose your categories carefully. And remember that some entries can qualify in multiple categories.”
  • “If you can’t disclose specific sales figures, use percentages to quantify growth.”
  • “Include a vivid description of your audience.”
  • “You can’t win if you don’t enter.”

“Questions about submitting?

Just give us a shout by emailing us at and we will set up a 10 minute screen sharing meeting!”