Special Interest Groups

Have you ever felt the need to speak to your marketing peers within your own industry? Exchange ideas? Discuss industry trends? Share battle scars? Then AMA | Rochester has just the opportunity for you – our Special Interest Groups. Special Interest Groups (SIGs) are set up so you can speak with marketing professionals on in depth topics that are relevant to you and your industry or interest. During these sessions you can share strategies and tactics with your peers that have worked for you and for them. Though the topics and format will vary based on the group’s interest, most are set up with a presentation and followed up with discussion.

Currently, AMA | Rochester has four established groups.

Higher Education Marketers

As a region full of higher ed colleges and universities, naturally one of the largest industry’s represented in our membership is Education. Between varied target audiences and stakeholders and its own brand of unique challenges, the higher education SIG is a vibrant and involved group. This group currently meets quarterly to discuss topics such as how to effectively communicate the college value proposition; branding of higher education institutions; organization structure within a marketing department; sharing of information from conferences; challenges of reaching and ever more segmented audience through social media; and many others.

If you are interested in attending a Higher Education Marketer SIG (or any of AMA | Rochester’s Special Interest Groups), please sign up below. Remember: You don’t need to work in the higher education sector to attend (we won’t check your IDs at the door). Perhaps you have a higher education client that you want to know more about the industry. Perhaps you have a target market that is similar. Perhaps you are facing similar challenges and the topic interests you. All are welcome – but yes, Higher Ed will be the focus.

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For more information contact Debra Davis, Marketing and Community Relations, Monroe Community College <ddavis40@monroecc.edu>.

Healthcare Marketers

Much like Higher Education, the Rochester region has great representation from healthcare organizations. Therefore, we have a newly established SIG dedicated to discussing and tackling the specialized marketing needs and constraints that face healthcare marketers. In order to navigate today’s complex healthcare environment, our Healthcare SIG allows you to stay on top of industry trends, strategies and tactics that will keep healthcare options top of mind for patients.

In this SIG, you will find healthcare marketers dedicated to networking, learning and sharing firsthand, local insight. The Healthcare SIG provides opportunities for you to connect with a community of like-minded professionals through meetings, thought-leadership, and peer-to-peer idea sharing.

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Small / Medium Business Marketers

Are you part of a small business that’s looking to break through with your marketing? Well all you Departments of One (or two or three), our Small/Medium Business Marketers SIG is for you. This group is for marketers with limited marketing resources – whether it is funding or personnel. If you wear a lot of hats and have to get creative in achieving marketing ROI on a limited budget, let’s share real world ideas, best practices and approaches on how others in the Rochester area are tackling marketing strategies and day to day tasks. You’ll come away learning new techniques you can apply to your job to maximize marketing effectiveness on a “small company” budget.

Young Professional Marketers

New to marketing or to the area and need to connect with your peers? The Young Professional Marketers SIG is for those early in their careers looking to expand their skill set, network with their peers, and connect with more experienced marketers through career discussions. This group provides the opportunity for participants to get exposure to different industries and different roles where marketing is being used – usually over beers! Come join us for our next happy hour!

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For more information contact Sarah Blackwell, Marketing Coordinator, Break the Ice Media <sarah@breaktheicemedia.com>.

Do you have an idea for a SIG?

We’d love to hear about it! We’re always looking for new ways to energize our local marketing community and serve your needs.