The Five Truths of Content Marketing

It was my privilege last week, to be the guest speaker on a webinar for the Rochester, NY Chapter of the American Marketing Association (AMA). I always appreciate the opportunity to connect with other AMA members, as they are passionate about what they do and have an uncommon desire to learn new things.

Myles Bristowe
Myles Bristowej

I’ve found that presentations loaded with little jokes, as mine often are, can be difficult to deliver via webinar. This is due to the fact that I am presenting my material in an empty room, by myself, and am unable to hear if anyone is laughing at what I would otherwise assume is deserving of a few chuckles. However, based on the number of engaging questions submitted by the attendees, I felt as though the webinar was well received.

The focus of my session was based on the lessons I have learned through daily blogging activities, and the guiding principles I have developed over the years. For those of you who missed the webinar, you’re in luck, as I’ve included a brief summary here of the “Five Truths of Content Marketing” for your review. (chuckles are optional)

1. Be relevant

I attempted to write daily blog posts about what I know about marketing. It didn’t take long, before I completely ran out of Content Marketingmaterial. As a result, I allowed my mind to explore other subjects. When I wandered too far away from the topic of marketing, my audience naturally lost interest, and I learned that being relevant is not just a mission – it must be honored as a promise.

2. Be interesting

My blog posts were primarily about the practice of marketing and the strategies that are most likely to produce successful results. In as much as my writing was about marketing, it never took itself too seriously and was counter-balanced with a sense of humor that poked a fun at the profession as a whole.

3. Be engaging

My blogging began as a soapbox for extended pontification, as many do. By listening to the feedback from the audience, I was able to give it wholly over to them, and they determined what I would write each day. The more your audience is able to participate in the creation of the content they wish to consume, the greater success the blog will enjoy.

4. Be consistent

When I missed a day, or published a post later than usual, regardless of the reason or circumstance, my audience shared their disappointment. By maintaining a regular publishing schedule, including time-of-day and day-of-week, will over time, increase reader loyalty.

5. Be yourself

There are many aspects of you worth sharing. First, your stories can really only be told by you. The experiences and expertise you have could serve as a great benefit to others who are walking a similar path. Finally, there are questions rattling around in your head that have yet to be explored. All that is required to share these aspects of yourself is courage.

I’ve learned each of these five truths in the hardest possible way. While I acknowledge there is arguably more to the realm of content marketing than just blogging, they have served me well. I hope you will find them helpful in your content marketing endeavors too.

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