Good News for Websites in 2014

In the ever-changing world of the WWW, this is a great time to evaluate your website. Content Management Systems (CMS) are better then ever. A CMS can allow you to easily:

  • Make updates and changes
  • Write blogs
  • Add videos and photos

The use of WordPress CMS has made it possible to have many features incorporated into your site for a reasonable budget, where in the past they would have had to be custom coded and very expensive. The Mobile Movement has Exploded K2 Communications Blog May2014 GRAPHResponsive web design is increasingly becoming one of the most often discussed and debated approaches to delivering a consistent and optimized web experience to any display, whether it’s a high-resolution tablet device, a smartphone, or a 50-inch monitor. As everything from billboards to watches becomes Internet enabled, and device sizes and resolutions are no longer standard, many organizations with strong dependencies on a persistent web presence are investing in resources, platforms, and processes to:

  • Build brand awareness and engagement with mobile users
  • Grow reach across high-value demographics in the mobile segment with context-relevant content
  • Optimize the investment in resources required to produce and maintain these experiences

Source — Adobe white paper Communications Blog May2014 IntrinsigMaterial website Did You Know? A responsive design ensures your website will fit multiple screen sizes and can eliminate the need to create one website for desktop computers and another for mobile devices. Check out our newest responsive site, designed for Intrinsiq Materials. K2 Communications Blog May2014 Eastman WebsiteAnother example is this site for the Eastman School of Music Summer at Eastman program. This illustration shows how the responsive design makes it easy to view the site on a computer or phone. Author:  Claire Kaler, K2 Communications Claire Kaler of K2 Communications HEADSHOT