Forbes: 18 Reasons Why You Need Every Employee Using LinkedIn Every Day

why your employees should be using LinkedIn

Corporations are finally waking up to the fact that they need to engage all their people in social media. The impact of social media on a company’s brand is monumental, and it affects everyone throughout your organization – from the entry-level millennials you just hired to your CEO.

Senior management often balks at the need to be social savvy, but according to a study by BrandFog, “CEOs are better leaders who can strengthen brands, build trust in products and services, demonstrate brand values, and communicate accountability – all by simply being on a social network.”

But where do you start? I say with LinkedIn. Why?

    • It’s the world’s largest professional network – growing with over 330+ million members
    • It’s the place where people go when they want to learn about your people. This includes customers or clients, business partners, employees, and potential hires. They can get information about your company on your website, but LinkedIn gives them a personal tour.
    • It’s an unbeatably efficient place to start. Not all social media have the influence that LinkedIn has. Those who aren’t actively engaged feel that they should be.
    • It has an unparalleled impact on your corporate brand, employer brand and the brand of your people. Let’s look at these benefits in-depth.

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