A morning-after conversation for AMA members who stayed home

Your future is calling. Are you ready?

By Jay Pfluke, freelance writer/creative consigliere


Dude?! Where were you last night? You wouldn’t have believed the talent on display at Max @ Eastman Oct. 28. You really missed out.

First, the ambiance was excellent. The venue was open and warm, and the appetizers were tasty. Second, we were able to choose the three dates that we found most compatible from half a dozen. All. Were. Hot. It was so hard to choose.

The first date was an eye-opener. A silver-tongue devil of e-commerce, Christian Costa of Brothers International Food has the goods to create quality, targeted messages that spark customer demand. If you ever wanted to learn how to get your customers to interact with your brand, you should hook up with Christian as much as possible.

Next date? Erica Bizzari, content marketing manager at Paychex. One word description… Dynamic! A content expert, Erica, admittedly, enjoys “stripping competitors” of any advantage by using third party tools to generate content. For every question…every query, Erica had an energetic solution to take flaccid data and enhance it into an area of opportunity.

The last date used spirits to break the ice. Sommeliers of integrated PR, Camille Campanaro Zess and Nicole Mahoney of Break the Ice Media detailed their campaign for Casa Larga Vineyards, sharing a whole case of strategies and tactics to strengthen B2C relationships. These media temptresses can take PR tannin and make it tantalizingly toothsome.

Bro, in short, the night at Max was the most intimate AMA event thus far. The chemistry was superb and we commingled with only half the talent. One thing is for sure, if you don’t make it to the next speed networking event, the need for a wingman may become extinct.