You talked. We listened.

We’re a marketing organization, right? So last year we decided it was time we employed the tried and true practices of marketing and sought our members’ and event attendees’ opinions. How are we doing? What would you like from RAMA? We heard resoundingly that you’d like to see us succeed and that there’s a valuable place for a professional development organization for marketers. After all, where else can you get marketers in a room and all talk the same language? Certainly one of the reasons I like the events – and if you love the profession, like me, you want to not only share the wealth, but learn from your peers.

The point to this blog is that we listened. We changed the name of the organization and our brand identity to better reflect the vibrancy of the organization – we are AMA | Rochester. As is sometimes the case, you need outside thinking, and K2 Communications provided that. “Be part of it” is our call to action and a wonderful energizing thought that we hope will draw you to our events and membership.

And about the events – you said “we want practical take-aways from each event. We want to be able to network with our peers that get marketing.” The focus groups and quantitative surveys were very clear on that point. With that in mind we are bringing in speakers and coaching them on our attendees’ needs. Our speaker this Wednesday morning is Christa Carone, Xerox Chief Marketing Officer. She answers another need from our members — trends and best practices. What is a Chief Marketing Officer thinking? How does she get a huge business like Xerox to act nimble and react to new technology? How is she getting her messages noticed? It’s a tough task. Branding in a digital world for Xerox should be a valuable lesson for us all.

As the year progresses you’ll see even more changes at AMA | Rochester and hope you’ll experience them with us –Be Part of It. Afterall, this is YOUR organization, to thrive we need every marketer to participate at the level you are comfortable with.

See you on September 19th for our breakfast event at Monroe’s Golf Club with Xerox CMO, Christa Carone. Register at our new website

Cathy Rubino Hines is the current board president for AMA | Rochester and the Founder/Chief Marketing Officer for The Marketing Collaborative LLC. Cathy provides companies the ability to hire a CMO with a team of senior level professionals to support their business objectives. She specializes in healthcare, non-profits, and mid-size businesses.