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By JoAnn Linder, AMA | Rochester, Vice President Marketing Communications

Our breakfast event on November 14 will showcase three ‘Marketer of the Year 2012′ winners. The winning campaigns will be presented, in a case study format, along with the results that helped them win, tips on the application process, lessons learned and benefits reaped from their experience.

This is an opportunity for us marketers to hear best practices and pick up ideas for campaigns that might work when we get back to the office.  I really like that the presenters cross a variety of companies including a B2B, B2C and a non-profit. The winning companies and their presentations include:

Butler/Till with Kimberly Jones, Vice President of Client Services and Steve Wehner, Creative Director

Butler/Till will provide insight on how social interaction, content provision, digital literacy, and design-driven brand touch-points can significantly impact employees, clients, and the bottom line.

  • Detail the process used to breathe new life into their brand identity
  • Demonstrate how to transform a new building into a home to support the company’s guiding principles
  • Describe the implementation to quickly build a web and mobile presence for their new brand, and how they are currently evolving these using new web technologies.

Helendale Dermatology & Medical Spa with Dr. Elizabeth Arthur and Laura Spagona, President Sundance Marketing

Helendale will share results of a social media campaign that illustrates the impact that social marketing has had on developing patient relations and growing practice.  Sharing who is using social networks and why you need to be online promoting your brand too – even if others in your industry aren’t there (yet!).

  • Share how going “social” enabled the practice to: adapt to its patients’ communication needs; engage with them on a new level – in an open, two-way dialogue online; and personalize their healthcare, while promoting the dermatology practice and medical spa
  • Demonstrate how Helendale effectively incorporates social networks, Live Chats, contests, give-a-ways and virtual video consultations into their social strategy and how they promote their social campaign
  • Give examples to make your social media sites more interesting so that your target audience will want to engage with your organization online.

United Way with Dawn Borgeest, Senior Vice President and Chief Corporate Affairs Officer

Making an event, message or concept trendy and ultimately viral requires an understanding of motivation and diligence in getting the message into the right hands and having community involvement.

  • Show how community collaboration and a simple giving concept fueled major results
  • Provide examples that show how relationships, social media and viral messaging played a key role
  • Describe improvements, using feedback and key learnings, on how ROC the Day has been enhanced for 2012.


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The two companies that tied for ‘Marketer Of The Year 2012’ will share their stories in upcoming blogs. The first is Brite Computers and the second is Carestream Health – which won with a direct marketing campaign led by The Verdi Group.

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