What's your vision for 2013 and beyond?

One of the AMA marketing publications “Marketing News” recently did a series asking professionals what they think the 5th and 6th Ps of marketing should be…..”Exploring the Fifth and Sixth Ps of Marketing.” The last in the series by Brian Solis proposes that the 6th P be Purpose… interesting.

He says, “Regardless of the technology you adopt or the trends you pursue, one of the key things that’s often missing is a sense of direction or aspiration. I’m not referring to a common vision or mission statement (how many of those have we done). Motive, objective and resolve are paramount but….”Tony Zappos

He also reflects on a conversation with the CEO of Zappos, Tony Hsieh whose purpose is to “deliver happiness” to customers. He explained, “Companies with a higher purpose outperformed those that focused on market leadership and profitability in the long run.”

And that got me thinking. What is my higher purpose for my business? Making my clients happy…certainly. Helping my clients’ reach their vision. Absolutely. I recently went through an exercise with my business development group on this topic — describe your best client….definitely a visionary. Someone who inspires, sees the future with clarity, and energizes those around him to do great things.

What do I offer that no one else can? What inspires me? It comes down to two words: Helping people. Whether I’m telling people about senior living options or the latest radiology option that helps detect cancer, that’s what makes me happy. Helping my client grow his B2B business, to realize his dreams, that makes me happy. Sometimes exhausted, but happy.

What makes you happy? What’s your vision for your business, for your career? All good topics this time of year.

Cathy Rubino Hines, Owner, The Marketing Collaborative LLC, President, AMA | Rochester

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