A Marketing Love Story in Rochester

Inbound Marketing: A Love StoryBy James Mignano

Did you know that marketers are some of the least lovable people? With even stockbrokers and lawyers finishing ahead of marketers, it is safe to say that “marketing has a lovability problem.”

Last week, Mike Volpe, CMO of HubSpot, was in Rochester to discuss how the role of marketing has shifted as consumers have gained more power and control in the buying process. Among the insights that Mike provided were four ways to produce marketing that people truly love:

  • Free tools like HubSpot’s Marketing Grader provide a service that people want and need to use – and simultaneously generates awareness of HubSpot’s product offering.
  • “Freemium” models offer users a free product or service with the promise of additional features when they upgrade their account.
  • Providing content in the form of blogs, podcasts and webinars will keep your brand present in a consumer’s mind.
  • Content is important, but sometimes we forget to pair it with context. Marketers need to utilize all of the information they have about their customers in order to give them the best personalized experience and usher them through the sales funnel.

This Slideshare provides more detail on those ideas: 

[slideshare id=17142175&doc=inboundmarketing-alovestory-hubspot-mikevolpe-130312141604-phpapp01]
Did you attend last week’s event? Please tell us something you learned from Mike Volpe in the comments below!
Editor’s note:  Photos from the event are in a Facebook Album.