CrazyDog T-Shirts on Small Business Marketing

CrazyDog T-shirts at the 2015 AMA Rochester Small Business Marketing Conference

SMB PanelWe here CrazyDog T-shirts were delighted to be invited to present at the 2015 AMA Rochester Small Business Marketing conference. Not only are we always excited to have a chance to tell our story and share our products, but the members of our marketing team also enjoy talking shop with others who share their interests.

It was a pleasure to not only get a chance to work with other great organizations and businesses, but to talk to a crowd that is dedicated to learning about the wonderful world of marketing.

As a small business without much of a marketing budget, we’ve had to rely on three things over the 10-year history of our company. The first two of course are quality products and word of mouth. The third one has been a growing online presence. These three legs have provided a very solid base for to stand on.

During our time at the conference, we spoke extensively about how we use social media to interact directly with customers. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest allows people to see  us to living our brand every day. Those who follow us on these networks know that a real person is behind every word and image, something a lot of larger competitors lack.

It was also a treat to talk with and learn about the other small business at the round table, Simply Crepes. Pierre and Karen were fantastic to talk with, and it was refreshing to see another small business that put as much hard work and passion into their company as we do here at CrazyDog.

Finally, we wanted to say thanks to everyone who came up to us after the question and answer period. We were happy to see a large number of people not only take some of the shirts we brought with us, but start following us on social media. Thanks to all of you, as well as the fantastic people at the AMA Rochester chapter!