Create Meaningful & Memorable Events Through a Personalized Experience

Create Meaningful & Memorable Events Through a Personalized Experience

Michelle Chiantera, VP, Americas Growth Marketing at Cisco presented her key insights about events at our November Luncheon. Michelle opened with an event marketing truth – customers demand highly personalized experiences.  Marketers who attended the event learned that 85% of buyers will dismiss a seller in the first interaction if they don’t receive tailored information. However, those companies that cultivate a personalized omnichannel experience connect with their customers. And because they connect, they also reap the benefits of increased YOY growth, order value, and close rates.

In her blog, Create Meaningful & Memorable Events Through a Personalized Experience, Michelle details how showing up in more impactful ways with seamless events has come to life at Cisco.

1. Make the Right Investments in the Right Marketing Events

Events are the ultimate expression of a brand. Make sure you're events are a reflection of your brand so you can connect with your target audiences.

2. Bring Together Digital and Physical Experiences in your Marketing Events

An event is much more than what happens on the day off - connect on digital platforms before and after to keep the connection going.

3. Emotionally Connect with your Customers at Marketing Events

Adding a human touch to your events forges a deeper more memorable connection with your audience.

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