Video Marketing Ideas for Each Stage of the Buyer's Journey

Video Marketing Ideas for Each Stage of the Buyer's Journey

Video marketing has become a critically important marketing tool in recent years. It's an effective way to engage with your audience and share your message in, if done correctly, a memorable way. 

We know that customers and prospects go through various stages of the buyer's journey, so why not use this powerful tool to reach your audience no matter where they're at?

The buyer's journey consists of three stages: awareness, consideration, and decision. Buyers in each of these stages have different needs and therefore require different types of information. Here are some video ideas to reach customers no matter what stage they're in.

Awareness Stage

The awareness stage is the first stage of the buyer's journey. At this stage, your audience is becoming aware of a challenge or need so they're on the hunt for educational resources, so you'll want to create videos that inform and educate them about how your solution can solve their problem - don't waste your time trying to sell to them at this stage. 

Consider creating a series of explainer videos. These are short, concise videos that explain your product or service in a clear way. This is a great opportunity to introduce them to your brand and help them understand how you can solve their problems. 

Consideration Stage

The consideration stage is the second stage of the buyer's journey. Here your audience has figured out their problem or need and is actively considering different solutions. You want to create content that helps your audience look at the options available and consider you as a viable solution.

This is a good time to have a product demo video ready. Here you can show your product or service in action in a real-life scenario, which will help demonstrate the value of your product or service.


Decision Stage

The decision stage is the final stage of the buyer's journey. Your audience is ready to make a decision, so you want to ensure that your content helps them feel confident that you're the right solution for them.

One effective type of video content for the decision stage is a case study video. Highlight a problem one of your customers was having and how your solution solved it. Data and hard numbers are important here - bonus points if you can show the ROI for the customer after choosing you. This also works as a relationship-building tool for the customer you're highlighting because you're giving their business more exposure.

Video marketing is an important piece of your marketing mix and can help you engage with your target audience no matter where they are in the buyer's journey. By creating videos that speak to your audience's needs at each stage, you can build their trust and show that you're product or service is the right solution for them.

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