Pinnacle Awards Prep: Key Dates & Submission Tips

Pinnacle Awards Prep: Key Dates & Submission Tips

Award season is almost upon us, and AMA Rochester is excited to announce some important details and dates for our 2024 Pinnacle Awards:

Submissions open: January 1, 2024

Last day for early bird submission pricing: February 14, 2024

Deadline for all submissions: March 1, 2024

Finalists announced: April 8, 2024 

Pinnacle Awards Event:

Thursday, June 20, 2024

Comedy @ the Carlson

To help you prep, we recently hosted a virtual Q&A with the 2024 Pinnacle Award Judges who shared tips and best practices on making award submissions stand out. Check out the key takeaways from our panelists below!

How should I demonstrate results for branding elements and tactics like logos, photos, etc.?

The biggest thing here is tying your results back to the goals of what you were trying to achieve. Sometimes the results aren’t quantitative metrics—they can be feelings and feedback you get. Success lies in demonstrating how your strategy and tactics aligned with original goals, even if the results aren't purely numerical. Craft a narrative around achieving the campaign's intended impact to show what you tried to do, what you did, and how they feed into each other.

How can I make my entries more competitive? Judges appreciate polished presentations. A visually appealing and well-organized submission, coupled with error-free content, sets entries apart. It doesn’t have to be flashy, but you should make it easy for judges to navigate and comprehend by ensuring substance is complemented by an attractive layout.

How should I handle submissions that span multiple categories? While judges may not always know if a campaign is submitted across categories, it's beneficial to tailor submissions for each category. Highlight specific tactics and their contribution to the overall campaign, making it clear how the entry fits within each category's criteria.

What’s the best way to showcase my work? While visual appeal matters, your emphasis should be on clarity and cohesiveness. For instance, including context for visuals, ensuring judges understand the significance, especially if targeting a broader audience beyond your local market.

What makes a submission the most impressive? A compelling story and the ability to showcase the entire campaign journey make entries stand out. Success is not only in impressive results but in weaving a narrative that ties everything together. Don't shy away from self-promotion; this is the platform for it.

Are there any memorable entries that stand out to you, and why? A memorable entry for one judge involved a well-known brand. Their submission looked very flashy, but unfortunately, it lacked substance. This highlights the importance of not just visual appeal, but substantial results tied back to your goals. The story, goals, and results should create a holistic and impressive submission.

Any tips for ensuring that goals and results are aligned? Specificity in your goals is crucial. Avoid broad objectives without context. For instance, ‘brand awareness’ as a goal is too vague on its own. Show how you are measuring that—is it through engagement on social, a survey, etc. Ensure judges can clearly see the link between campaign goals and the achieved results. Clarity and measurability in goals make the submission more compelling and understandable.

Thank you to our panelists and attendees who participated in this virtual Q&A! As you prep for award season, we hope these insights help make your submission(s) shine. Remember: craft entries that tell a story, showcase the entire journey, and provide clarity on goals and results.


Nicole Smith, Marketing Excellence Awards Chair for AMA OKC

Brinkley Acord, VP of Membership for AMA OKC

Tam VonNostrand, Secretary and Pinnacle Chair for AMA Rochester chapter

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