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5LINX takes its packaging to a whole new level

The Diamond Recruitment kit

As a multi-level-marketing company consisting of over 40,000 sales-reps, 5LINX is always looking for new ways to recruit sales reps at all levels. We presented the idea of a high end recruitment piece to our Advisory Council, a board comprised of our leading sales reps, and the board agreed—this marketing piece would be a valuable recruitment tool. Strong leaders are necessary to build a solid 5LINX business team. We needed a piece to target professionals who already achieved success in their respective fields, such as medicine or law, with the goal of recruiting them into the company. These highly talented recruits would be potential “Diamonds”, the highest position within 5LINX.

The 5LINX Diamond Recruitment kit was born out of that effort. Each kit included a leather style padfolio. All content was presented in a professionally bound, glossy finish book, fit for display on a coffee table today. The Diamond Recruitment Kit’s high end design set it apart from the other marketing collateral in the competition.

We witnessed many positive results and reactions to the Diamond Recruitment Kit:

1. We sold out within the first 2 months, selling 700 books, or 70% of the inventory, at the New Orleans International Events Store where the kit debuted.

2. The remaining inventory was placed in our online store, and sold out within a few weeks. Leaders often purchased the kits in bulk to give to top earners on their business team.


3. By February, it was evident that we needed to place another order of the kits before we were completely out-of-stock. In April, we had to do a third reprint to keep up with demand.2. The remaining inventory was placed in our online store, and sold out within a few weeks. Leaders often purchased the kits in bulk to give to top earners on their business team.

4. The Diamond Recruitment Kit also won an Honorable Mention at the New York State of Design Competition, held last March at Rochester Institute of Technology. The competition is held annually, and highlights professional communication design created in New York State.

5LINX PowerPlay

5LINX relies on its independent marketing representatives across the United States and Canada to sell its products through word-of-mouth marketing. Due to the success of this sales method, 5LINX does not have to advertise outside of its own network. In addition, a majority of direct-sales companies, such as Mary Kay and Avon, require their sales force to purchase inventory in advance. 5LINX differentiates itself further by offering a sales channel that does not require its representatives to purchase bulk inventory. When new products and services are launched to the field, it is this marketing model that plays a significant role in the design and composition of product packaging created by 5LINX.

powerplayAfter its announcement in September 2012, the PowerPlay’s pre-sales were initially slow. This was largely attributed to representatives not being able to use and test the product out prior to purchasing the device. However, as orders were fulfilled representative confidence in and enthusiasm for the PowerPlay strengthened. Representatives were then able to use the packaging as part of their sales presentation when prospecting new customers. Within the first six months 6,000 PowerPlays have been sold by 5LINX representatives, and have only continued to increase.

“The quality of work the 5LINX marketing team puts out on a regular basis has always been top notch but this work is extraordinary,” said Jeb Tyler, 5LINX Cofounder and Executive Vice President of Marketing. “We will continue to push boundaries and make improvements and look forward to winning more Pinnacle Awards in 2014.”

With over sixty years of combined experience in the telecommunications and direct sales industries, 5LINX® was founded by three visionaries, Jeb Tyler (Executive Vice President of Marketing), Craig Jerabeck (President & CEO), and Jason Guck (Executive Vice President of Sales), who wanted to make a difference. To learn more about 5LINX Enterprises, Inc. join the conversation on Facebook, Twitter or

Editor’s note:  5LINX was a 2013 Pinnacle Award Winner in the Element Category #9: Collateral (print or electronic). For a full list of the 2013 winners, read the News Release.  Rochester Business Journal’s article following the event is available here.  A full photo album from the event is posted here.