New Beginnings

Planning a Successful Start

A new  year and new opportunities! For many a new year will bring the opportunity for a new job. And for any new job, it’s important to use the first few weeks to build a solid foundation and increase the likelihood of long term success.

While it is more art than science, below you’ll find some tried and tested techniques  to add to the normal “work hard” suggestion. Adding these during the critical first weeks will help you beat the anxiety and lay a foundation for a successful new start.

Sound interesting? Well let’s get started!

Key Focus Areas

  • Invest in people and in learning
  • Attitude Management
Ronald Norris

Plan on investing a good deal of time “managing your attitude,” focusing on people and how things are done during those first weeks. This is a wise investment and will pay dividends later on.

Your first weeks:  invest time in people

It’s human nature to want attention and demonstrate that you are a valuable new addition to the company/group. However, spending those early weeks listening is a much better alternative! Refrain from letting everyone know how wonderful you are, and spend the time getting to know how wonderful your new colleagues are!

After each new introduction take a moment and jot down the person’s name, position and something memorable about them. At the end of each day, review your notes and try to remember and match the face to the name.

Make a conscious effort to meet as many new people as you can in the first few weeks, and practice remembering their names.

Your first weeks: invest time in learning

Make it a point to let all of your new colleagues, both higher in the organization and lower, know that you are very open to learning how things work, and how things are done … and that you’ll be asking many questions. You’ll have a lot of latitude early on, so make those mistakes early! And of course, learn from them.

Your first weeks: Attitude, Attitude, Attitude

Like the old saying in the real estate business, “location, location, location.” Well, “attitude, attitude, attitude” is the key to kick-start a new job toward a successful start.

Like it or not, those critical first weeks will build your reputation … the long term impression your colleagues will have of you. Make the most of it!

Be aware of your thoughts, comments and conversations throughout the day and think before you speak! It takes work to stay positive, but it’s worth it and will help you build a positive reputation.

If you have trouble with this, try this time tested technique. First thing in the morning make it a point to mentally think of a simple positive thought, and consciously repeat it at lunch and in the mid-afternoon. It can take any form; as long as it helps you stay positively focused and portray your best qualities.

Having trouble?  Below is a very useful article with tips on starting your day on a positive note:

Remember to focus and work hard during those critical first few weeks and you’ll soon find your anxiety taking a back seat to your success!

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